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Beauty in Unexpected Places!

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Beauty in Unexpected Places!

Here is one of the photos I “liberated” in the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. I took this photo at my neighborhood Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food joint. The photo is straight out of the camera – – untouched.


Liberate Your Art! Postcard Swap

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This year I participated in Liberate Your Art – a postcard swap. It is an annual event, whereby artists from all over the world send postcards of their art to a central location. The artist in charge of the event ( then gathers and randomly distributes all the postcards to other participants. It has been a long time since I have found myself waiting by the mailbox for some exciting mail – normally my box is full of bills and an occasional card from my Grandma’s cousin-in-law…

I sent out random photographs – some abandoned shots, a shot of some beautiful architecture at my local Kentucky Fried Chicken, a food photo with recipe attached, and a local Seattle landscape shot.

I received several beautiful photographs – one of a coffee cup, and several of beautiful artwork from around the world. The only thing I wish is that more people had listed where they were sending the postcard from – like their hometown/country. It would have been even more exciting for me to be able to tell where the art originated (for thso

This was so much fun, I will definitely participate again next year – – and I encourage others to do the same!