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Abandoned Flour Mill exploration

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I love this type of photography. I’ve always loved exploring abandoned places, even as a young child. I like imagining the stories of people who once lived and/or worked in these spaces….the people are gone now, but can somehow their stories can still be felt in the decay. At this location (as in most abandonments), the pigeons have found solace in the absence of people. There were buckets of old flour that seemed to almost have an intoxicating effect on these pigeons. It was really interesting to observe, while I waited for the torrential downpour to stop and allow me to take other shots.












“Abandoned in Seattle” select photos on display at KPFF Consulting Engineers thru the month of June 2013

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Abandoned In Seattle

Abandoned In Seattle

Abandoned In Seattle<

Abandoned In Seattle

Four pieces from this “Abandoned in Seattle” series – 16X20 image-wrapped canvas pieces – hanging in the Ralph Iboshi Conference Room at KPFF Consulting Engineers – 1601 Fifth Ave, Ste 1600, Seattle WA 98101 through the month of June 2013.
The work looks beautiful within this newly remodeled space, and I hope the viewer sees in these pieces beauty, where they normally would not expect to see it.

Contact the artist for pricing…….