About the Artist: 
Hi. Welcome to Sticks and Stones Photography. (Contact me directly at Jennyrebekka@comcast.net)
Jenny Tucker is a Seattle-area photographer with a diverse portfolio, ranging from family portraits, to event photography, food photography, to landscape and street photography. She started out one day, on vacation, taking the requisite beach sunset shots, but as the sun slipped down over the horizon, she turned to find a gathering of driftwood and rocks at her feet. She was taken, at that moment, by the beautiful and unique way in which the waves had deposited these stones onto the beach. It didn’t matter in that moment whether anybody or nobody wanted a photograph of a pile of rocks. She knew SHE did…..and thus, on that beach was born “Sticks and Stones Photography”. Jennifer has a passion for the people and places of the Pacific Northwest, and she hopes that passion can be seen through her photographs. Jennifer has exhibited her work in corporate settings, in solo exhibitions, and in group shows – locally (Washington state) and across the nation.

Jennifer Tucker
Contact through this site, or via jennyrebekka@comcast.net


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Jim Tucker Says:

    Thats my GIRL !

  2. Beautiful work, Jenny. You have such a good eye.

  3. Dorothy Ghylin-Bennett Says:

    Oh Jenny…so gorgeous. Truly am delighted with your work and continue to wish you well….you know that don’t you? Special wishes for only the best as you pursue this passion. Couldn’t be more delighted for and with you!

  4. Well, it’s obvious you got the talent from your dad, but your beauty and grace from me!!! We’re both so proud of you, honey!
    Love and kisses,

  5. Sharon Tucker Says:

    Jenny, you have an amazing eye for photography. So glad you are sharing your work. A. Sharon

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